On Mum Friends

I’m not a loner you know. I’ve got friends. Tall ones, short ones, large ones, small ones. Mostly Brown brilliant friends.

They’re great, my friends. Fabulous even, but they all have a common flaw; to date, they’re all childless. Yes, the whole lot of them! Selfish fiends. You see, my fabulous collective of friends are busy 20-somethings career-building around the globe. So whilst they are over-active, I’m afraid their wombs are not. Nor should they be- they have things to do. (Yes you, you know who you are).

In fact, I think having children is the only area in life in which I have arrived earlier than my friends (I, too, am afflicted by melanin-induced lateness syndrome).

Thus,  I am a mummy with friends but no mum friends.

A mummy no mates.

But fear not dear readers, for my perpetual problem has a technological solution. An App!

Yup, one clever digital mama named Michelle Kennedy has created a tinder style app to help mamas like me find mum friends.

Peanut is a free app designed to “build friendships” between mums in a modern, accessible format. You just create a profile, choose three badges to describe yourself and then swipe away for the mum friends of your dreams!

Actually, I’m not sure how I feel about this digitised method of gaining friends. On the one hand, my inner fogie is admonishing the app’s impersonal nature, chastising it’s ‘swipe right’ feature for allowing mums to callously reject one another. The 90s baby in me is also recalling my in-school talks on meeting people from the interweb, is peanut really safe?

Yet, I have firsthand knowledge of how hard it can be to make friends at playgroup, how the conversations end at “see you next week” and playdates become lofty ideals.

All in all, for some, Peanut and similar apps may be the way forward. For me, the jury’s still out…





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