‘Appy New Year

Alas, 2017 has finally come around! 

And in continuation of my 2016 habits (and the traditions of my ancestors) my new year post is of course- late.

But better late than never, ayy?

Despite my untimeliness I for one am happy to see the advent of 2017, or rather overjoyed to see the back of 2016. Judging by key statistics and trends garnered from popular culture (memes), so are all of you. It’s universal, 2016 was a terrible year for all and sundry: the year when Trumps and Tramps felt empowered enough to scale the top of the social ladder; when folks revelled in asinine occurrences such as the first Black Kardashian but overlooked the second female British PM; the year when far too many brilliant people died!  The. year. when (yuh haffi say that part in slo-mo for effect. Please an tank yuh!)  the political world was kicked off its axis by shock results like Brexit and Eediat (Trump), but we all knew what episode of the Simpsons had predicted it all.

The year where consciousness collided with blissless ignorance. The year when we saw the car swerve but willed ourselves to believe it wouldn’t crash. But it did.  And boy do I have so much to say about it. About everything really- as per uze. See last year I was busy, and this year I’ll probably be busy again. But this year, for the first time in years: I have a New Year’s Resolution. And a tripartite one at that.

No, not “fabulous fit me” (no offence guys) just BBB.

My Boy: books and blogging.

So 2017,



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